Meet the Team

Our team has changed and grown over the years – here is our current line up!



I’m one of the library’s co-founders, a work-at-home and home educating mum of 3. My children are aged 11, 4 and 3, and were/are all worn. I have extensive experience both personally and professionally with babywearing, including tandem wearing (baby/toddler and toddler/preschooler). I am a certified Babywearing Consultant and Trainer (facilitating Born to Carry courses), a volunteer at SBG Sling Library and a doula. I first trained as a consultant in April 2012 and have made it a priority to keep my knowledge up to date and relevant. As a Babywearing trainer I’ve trained Peer Supporters from many different backgrounds, including midwives and library helpers/owners.



I’m one of the library’s co-founders, a lecturer and mum of 2. My son was born in 2011 and my daughter in 2013. My babywearing journey started when my son was a few days old, and I first trained as a consultant in April 2012. My experience has grown over the years via my personal carrying journeys and the professional training I’ve undertaken.



My name is Trese Presley, I have a 3 year old daughter and a son born in 2015. I started baby wearing when my first was 6 months old and it has become a passion along with breastfeeding. I completed Mel’s Born to Carry Babywearing Peer Supporter Course in 2014 and regularly help out with the library. I regularly attend a local breast feeding support group in which I find my self recommending baby wearing to new mums and those struggling with breastfeeding as an aid in continuing their journeys.



I trained as a Peer Supporter in 2015, and since then have regularly helped out with the library.



I started out helping with library admin in 2015, and trained in 2016 as a Born to Carry Peer Supporter.



I’m a Born to Carry Peer Supporter and am on the admin team.



I’m a Born to Carry Peer Supporter, and help out with the library meets.



I’m on the admin team, and will be training as a Born to Carry Peer Supporter in June 2016!

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