We would encourage you to come to a local slingmeet where you can meet other babywearers and see different types of slings in real life, with the opportunity to borrow a carrier. Members of the Suffolk Babywearing Group offer advice and troubleshooting at meets and we’re always happy to welcome new people into the fold.

If you are looking for more help than is provided at a meet, you are welcome to book a private consultation with one of our certified Babywearing Consultants, who have been consulting since early 2012.

Meet our team:

We are all based in Ipswich, Suffolk but are happy to travel within Suffolk, or arrange Skype dates. We all have experience with the different slings and carriers available and give informal assistance at local slingmeets. Our aim is to spread our love of babywearing to parents, so they can understand the benefits and reap the rewards of wearing their own children.

Mel is a mother of 3 children – a daughter aged 10, son born in December 2010 and another son born in October 2012. Mel’s babywearing journey started in 2004, wearing Niamh for a short time. She and her husband Tom have been wearing Logan and Xander since they were a few days old. Her website, Tribal Babies, has more information about other services she offers, such as doulaing and babywearing peer supporter training. Her consultancy page can be found here.

Natalie is a mother to son Jake who was born in August 2011 and daughter Kenzi-Rose, born in 2013.  She has been wearing Jake since he was 4 weeks old and Kenzi-Rose from a few days old. She works part time as a lecturer at Otley College, so has a natural knack for teaching. She owns Little Rabbit Designs, which stocks babywearing capes.


A consultation for for one baby/child is £20 for 1 hour or £30 for up to 2 hours. This includes a follow-up via email or Skype. For an extra person joining in, the cost is an extra £10 for 1 hour or £15 for 2 hours.

If you would like to book a standard consultation, please contact us at letting us know if you have a preference to which consultant you would like to see or lucky dip!

If you have different requirements than the standard consultation covers, please message us at the above email address where we can discuss your needs further.


Mini Consultations

Once a month we hold a Sling Clinic at the home of Tribal Babies. Appointments are available at £10 for half hour mini consultations and are suited to those who carry their babies already but would like to tweak one carry. Check the events page for details of the next clinic and how to book.