Babywearing can be done with many different carriers. From wraps to pouches, ring slings to mei tais, there is a huge world out there when it comes to slings!

Wearing you baby/child is such a great thing for so many reasons. First of all (especially when they’re little) you will be carrying your little one in arms anyway so having a sling to help distribute their weight and give you free hands is very useful!

A few situations where babywearing comes in handy:

  • Dog walking
  • Hiking
  • Cooking (wearing them on your back)
  • Shopping
  • Popping to the post box
  • Housework
  • Breasfeeding on the go
  • For exercise!
  • “Tummy time”


Practical reasons aside, there are many other benefits too. Newborn babies benefit from it mimicking the environment inside the womb – warm, snug, close to their food source if breastfeeding. Babies and children also benefit from being where all the action is. They can see what’s going on, what you are doing and what is happening at adult level, helping them interact with you and aiding their cognitive development. It helps to regulate their emotions and aids bonding (with primary caregivers and others).